Innovative Platform Development for Legal Consultations: LegalQ Case Study
Explore how Devorbis collaborated on LegalQ to transform the legal consultation experience and implement a robust matching algorithm.
About LegalQ
LegalQ is a visionary legal services platform that bridged the gap between clients and attorneys. It utilizes an advanced algorithm to match clients with the most suitable attorneys, simplifying the legal consultation process.

Key Features:
Client Engagement: Clients can register on the platform, creating accounts to submit their legal requests. Request Form: Clients can fill out request form, describe their legal cases, issues, and requirements. Matching Algorithm Feature: The backend incorporates a powerful matching algorithm that consider factors such as location, areas of expertise, and availability to find the most suitable attorney for each client's request. Attorney Registration: Attorneys could join the platform through either the web application or mobile application, creating profiles with their qualifications and areas of specialization.
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Sep 2021 - Aug 2023
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Project Details
Model of Collaboration
Our collaboration model involved close coordination with the LegalQ team. We worked on developing and refining critical features, ensuring alignment with the platform's vision. We engaged a dedicated team comprising developers and legal experts to enrich LegalQ's functionality. Regular communication, iterative feedback loops, and a dedicated team contributed to the project's success.
How DevOrbis Solved The Problem?
Devorbis strategically addressed the challenges in LegalQ's development by leveraging a tech stack that included React for robust front-end solutions, React Native for a seamless mobile experience, and Node for efficient and scalable back-end functionality. Additionally, the strategic use of technologies and a dedicated team and collaborative development approach helped complete the project. The careful implementation of these features enhanced the overall functionality of LegalQ, facilitating efficient connections between clients and attorneys. Devorbis's solution significantly contributed to streamlining the legal consultation process, reinforcing LegalQ's position as a visionary legal services platform.
What DevOrbis Team Learned From The Project?
Throughout the LegalQ project, the Devorbis team gained valuable insights into optimizing legal services platforms. This included refining client engagement processes, implementing user-friendly request forms, and developing a robust matching algorithm. The challenges and intricacies of legal consultations within the digital landscape were navigated, and the team improved its skills in creating user experiences. The LegalQ project served as a dynamic learning ground, expanding our expertise in tailoring legal service platforms to meet evolving client needs and ensuring effective connections between clients and attorneys.
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