Seamlessly Connecting Landlords and Tenants: 8Rent Case Study
Uncover the success story of our latest real estate project, where we transformed property management through innovative tech solutions. Discover more insights.
About 8Rent
8Rent project involved the creation of a mobile app using React Native for the front end and Node for the back end. The plan was to have a team of four developers, introduce new features, and fix bugs after assessing the requirements. We had to design the app for real estate, which facilitates property management for owners and rental exploration for tenants.

The key functionalities include building and room management, rent collection, and tenant property purchase options. With the deadline in mind, we aimed to launch the Beta version on the Play Store and App Store, showcasing a solution for streamlined real estate operations and tenant interactions.
Aug 2020 - Sep 2022
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Project Details
Model of Collaboration
The collaboration model employed for 8Rent was dynamic and efficient. Our team, comprising four developers, continuously communicated with the client, sharing thoughts and refining requirements. The team engaged in UI/UX design deployments and implemented CI/CD for React Native, ensuring a seamless development process.
How DevOrbis Solved The Problem?
Devorbis handled 8Rent's complexities through a collective effort of around four developers. The project was divided into multiple phases: requirements gathering, feature implementation, bug fixing, and translating ideas into reality. The goal of successfully launching the beta version on both the Play Store and App Store was a significant achievement. The application's dual-user functionality empowered owners with comprehensive rental system management while offering tenants a seamless experience in browsing and renting properties. The development process emphasized continuous client communication for refining requirements, implementing UI/UX designs, and deploying updates backed by an efficient CI/CD pipeline for React Native.
What DevOrbis Team Learned From The Project?
The 8Rent project provided valuable insights to the Devorbis team, whereas continuous client communication enhanced the understanding of evolving requirements and working on a responsive development approach. We contributed to an efficient development pipeline after implementing UI/UX designs, deploying updates, and working on CI/CD. The dual-user system implementation deepened expertise in catering to diverse user needs, enriching the team's understanding of mobile app architecture and functionality. Overall, the project offered a dynamic learning experience for the Devorbis team.
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